Serina Lacava

Let it snow

It might be still cold outside in some places but you can still style warm this winter.   SLC  (Serina Lacava Collection)  Mesh Fashion  has some lovely winter clothes.  I swung by there the other day and picked up a lovely warm outfit to wear for winter.

The Mesh High Neck Sweater with Jeggings in black was the perfect choice.  It comes as a complete outfit to fit bodies in 5 sizes – what a bargain all that is needed is shoes and accessories.  This fab outfit comes in a variety of colour ranges – black,berry, blue,purple and mint.

Snapshot _ PINOY HIDEOUT - To JOIN GROUP, have a Friend Invite.6

Snapshot _ Guarded Cross Sim, Night out (33, 52, 25) - Moderate2

D E T A I L S : 

Dress: SLC Mesh High Neck Dress with Jeggings Black  

Shoes: :LOST EDEN: Trust Mesh Boots in Black 

Bag : David Heather: Frange Bag / Blood

Wrist Jewellery: Two Sisters Treasures:  Rings of Eternity Black Diamond Bracelet Silver, 

                         Lazuri Shahy Red Bracelet.

Necklace:::A&A:: Diamante: Personalized Hopeless Love Necklace

Earrings: ((Crystal line )) Cherry Pierce

Ring: JCNY– AVALON, Engagement Ring

Hair: +Spellbound+ Forgotten

It reminded me of a song I enjoy a lot but this version was so cute 😛